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Dvp - Predeceased His Father



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Campbell, Archibald Master of Campbell  Bef Mar 1446Dvp - Predeceased His Father I920 Ghillebride  
2 Drummond, Sir William Master of Drummond  1490Dvp - Predeceased His Father I7331 Ghillebride  
3 Graham, Alexander  Bef 19 Apr 1471Dvp - Predeceased His Father I2682 Ghillebride  
4 Graham, Patrick of Kilpont, Craiguchty and Auchmore  Abt 1488Dvp - Predeceased His Father I2979 Ghillebride  
5 Grant, Duncan younger of Freuchie  25 Mar 1581-1582Dvp - Predeceased His Father I30507 Ghillebride  
6 Grant, John younger of Freuchie  1482Dvp - Predeceased His Father I19992 Ghillebride  
7 Gray, Patrick Master of Gray  Bef 1 Sep 1464Dvp - Predeceased His Father I19478 Ghillebride  
8 Hepburn, Adam Master of Hailes  Bef 1479Dvp - Predeceased His Father I3511 Ghillebride  
9 Kennedy, James younger of Dunure  Bef 8 Nov 1408Dvp - Predeceased His Father I1422 Ghillebride  
10 Lindsay, Alexander Master of Crawford  1541Dvp - Predeceased His Father I7151 Ghillebride  
11 MacDonald, Angus Og  1490Dvp - Predeceased His Father I6363 Ghillebride  
12 Mackenzie, Murdoch younger of Kintail  Dvp - Predeceased His Father I43142 Ghillebride  
13 MacLeod, Malcolm  Bef 1392Dvp - Predeceased His Father I24358 Ghillebride  
14 Montgomery, Alexander Master of Montgomery  1452Dvp - Predeceased His Father I3093 Ghillebride  
15 Mowbray, John of Dalmeny  Dvp - Predeceased His Father I84326 Ghillebride  
16 Murray, Sir David younger of Tullibardine  Bef 1390Dvp - Predeceased His Father I2673 Ghillebride  
17 Ogilvy [Ogilvie], James younger of Findlater  1 Feb 1505-1506Dvp - Predeceased His Father I29729 Ghillebride  
18 Ramsay, Sir Gilbert of Barnff  Bef 1507Dvp - Predeceased His Father I30935 Ghillebride  
19 Rattray, John  Dvp - Predeceased His Father I6683 Ghillebride  
20 Robertson, Robert younger of Struan (Strowan)  Bef 1506Dvp - Predeceased His Father I6708 Ghillebride  
21 Somerville, William of Carnwath, Master of Somerville  Bef 14 Nov 1491Dvp - Predeceased His Father I3231 Ghillebride  
22 Stewart, Duncan younger of Appin  Bef 10 Sep 1547Dvp - Predeceased His Father I22543 Ghillebride  
23 Sutherland, Henry of Torboll  Bef 1434Dvp - Predeceased His Father I30429 Ghillebride  
24 Sutherland, William of Berriedale  May 1474Dvp - Predeceased His Father I30381 Ghillebride  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Murray, Sir William of Castleton  Dvp - Predeceased His Father I1546 Ghillebride